Get ready for next Summer with Formatk Hair Removal!

Now that the cooler months are here, it is a great time to think about getting Formatk IPL hair removal. If you start a course in November you can be finished a course by June – just in time for your Summer holiday! You may only need to come in for 15 minute appointment every 6 weeks (depending on area) but once you’ve had it done, you will feel and see the difference!

Our Formatk Multi Care system  offers IPL hair removal as well as skin tightening, thread veins, pigmentation and nail fungal treatments. Formatk is our standard IPL machine and used in all Naturalaser clinics. The Formatk has a Medical Head available which will give longer lasting results.

Excess body hair is a common complaint for our male and female clients but our versatile IPL services provide safe and effective hair removal for face and body. IPL is the only clinically-proven method of permanent hair reduction.

We have a lot of clients that come to us specifically for laser hair removal and Formatk is one of the best on the market. We want you to have the best IPL treatment that suits your skin type, that’s why our specialists offer two different hair removal solutions and each can be tailored to your individual needs.

Our IPL hair removal is completely safe with high quality equipment and experienced qualified therapists and because the treatment uses only light (no chemicals, radiation etc.) there’s no damage to your skin and only hair follicles are affected. There is no radiation, no UV rays or nasty chemicals involved.

The IPL hair removal is unfortunately ineffective on blonde, red, grey or white hair or very dark skin. Yuu Beauty also advises against IPL hair removal when pregnant.

The IPL treatment is the most effective on paler skin with brown or black hair and can be done on most parts of the face and body.

A few things to know:

  • Shave the intended area of treatment up to 48 hours before treatment.
    Remove any fake tan and let a natural tan fade.
  • Clearly state to your therapist if you are on any medication. Certain medicines can have contra-indications.
  • Wear an SPF 30+ (with zinc) after and during your IPL hair removal treatments. Any skin directly exposed to sunlight after the treatment can be damaged.
  • No waxing, bleaching, threading, plucking or epilating in between sessions.

Why Should You Choose IPL?

• 100% Safe
• Long Lasting Results
• Minimal Pain – This depends from person to person but the pain is completely manageable. It can simply feel like a hot snap on the skin.
• Most Effective Form of Hair Reduction Available
• Tailored IPL Treatment Preferences to suit you
• Specialist Consultation with our Qualified Therapists

Many clients hesitate when considering IPL treatment due to anticipated high costs. At Yuu Beauty, our IPL treatments are priced per session to help you manage your beauty budget. We do not expect you to pay in advance for a course of treatments – all we ask for is a small deposit, redeemable against a future booking.

Prices start at £35.00 for a standard session of IPL. You can download our price list here.

Prices also vary per person, so please contact us for an estimate price on your treatment.

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