Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Nail Fungal is a very common infection and can be a result many factors such as diabetes, psoriasis or peripheral arterial disease, damaged nails, weak immune system, walking barefoot in places like a communal shower/gym, wearing shoes that cause feet to get hot and sweaty, and also caused by not keeping feet clean and dry.

Naturalaser Exclusive.

We are the first range of clinics to offer an exclusive, medically proven IPL treatment laser nail fungal treatment courtesy of world-class aesthetic company, Formatk. This is a truly unique and powerful therapy with often remarkable improvements after one session.

We are one of the few clinics in the world to offer DPL (Dense Pulsed Light) as a radical new treatment for nail fungal. DPL has been developed through the optimisation and improvement of the current IPL hardware that offers the same amazing hair removal treatments.

DPL is able to direct high-concentrated energy directly to the nail fungus layer with sufficient temperature to destroy it. This means it’s more effective and better for you than pinpoint laser and NHS prescribed medication. DPL has a success rate of treating 80 – 100% of all nail fungal caused by dermathophytes.

Formatk systems in Naturalaser clinics are the only machines of their type in the world to be able to perform this treatment.
We will only treat patients who have been fully diagnosed from a GP or Chiropodist.

Before & After.

Treatment Pricing.

Treatment Per Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions 10 Sessions
Nail Fungal Treatment £75 £200 £300 £450

What do I need to know before treatment?

Various medications and medical conditions are contraindicated for IPL and Laser; please seek further advice from the clinic practitioner.

Yes, this treatment is completely safe.

It can take 8-12 sessions to achieve results, depending on how long the infection has been present. After this time it can then take around 3 months for your nail to grow out and reveal a fresh nail plate.

No, the treatment is not painful, however IPL generates heat therefore warmth will be felt on the nail plate.

Keep nails short, clean and free of polishes during treatment. Also discard of any polishes and nail files unless sanitised. You should also sanitise the feet after exercise and showering with Mundo sanitising spray. Post-treatment you should avoid walking barefoot and bring fresh socks, tights to put on after every treatment. Ideally flip flops are best worn to air feet.

There is no down time.

it can take 8-12 sessions to achieve results , depending on how long the infection has been present. Treatments are initially 1 x week then are spread out as the treatment goes on. Treatment of all ten fingers/toes is recommended to combat spread of fungus.

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