IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Have you noticed sun spots, liver spots or freckles beginning to appear on your skin? Or are red veins beginning to appear? Skin disorders are a very common complaint from our clients and with age, and/or over exposure to the sun, skin is less able to regenerate but our revolutionary non-surgical treatments can help.

Why do I have red veins?

Facial thread veins or broken red veins (Telangiectasia) are small, unsightly, superficial red, purple or blue veins that occur around the nose and across the cheeks and chin.

Thread veins can be treated and unwanted pigmentation can be successfully lightened or removed with either Laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL), with minimal downtime or risk, in just a few quick and easy treatments.

Why do I have pigmentation?

When the cells in your skin become damaged or unhealthy, the melanin cell production is affected, this causes skin pigmentation.
There are many reasons behind darker pigmentation which includes pregnancy, Addison’s disease and sun exposure and lighter skin pigmentation can come from Vitiligo and Albinism.

Naturalaser recommends contacting your GP for a full diagnosis about your skin pigmentation prior to treatment.

What happens during the IPL Rejuvenation treatment?

The IPL Rejuvenation process uses IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to heat the under-layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen which is the substance that keeps the skin firm and supple. More collagen means firmer, smoother skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, particularly on the face, neck and décolletage.

Hands, which can age much faster than other parts of the body because of their constant exposure to water and harsh chemicals, can also be rejuvenated to look smoother with a more even skin tone.

Treatment Pricing.

Treatment 15mins 30mins 45mins
IPL Rejuvenation with the Lynton Luminette £50 £75 £100

Upgrade your treatment and have a full Skin Rejuvenation Facial.

This facial will improve skin tone and texture, increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Rejuvenation is particularly good for treating ageing skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

A 60 minute treatment costs £100 and a course of three treatments costs £250.

A patch test 24 hours prior to the facial is also required.

A patch test 24 hours prior to the facial is required.

Yes, the treatment is carried out by professional skin care practitioners. A full skin consultation will allow the therapist to check you are suitable for the treatment

A course of treatments are recommended, therefore for full results 3 months.

No. This treatment uses intense pulsed light which generates heat. the treatment will feel warm and discomfort is described as mild to moderate.

This can take up to 48 hours, however most people’s skin will return to normal appearance within a matter of hours.

Approx. 6 every 2-3 weeks.

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