HD Brows – The best thing to happen to your eyebrows!

Are your eyebrows needing help?

We provide the HD Definition Brow service in our salons, and it is one of our most popular services! Used by celebrities, makeup artists and beauty editors worldwide, this treatment helps to transform your brows and your face!

So what happens at a consultation?

Your therapist does a consultation by at your face shape, skin tone and your personal style. They then custom blend the tint for your brows to make sure it adheres to those factors. They will then brow map to design your unique shape and then use different techniques such as wax, threading, tweezing and trimming to get your idea brow shape. To complete the treatment they will apply makeup from the HD Makeup Collection and show you how to make your brows look amazing between appointments!

This process is very individual to the person and every care is taken to make sure you get your perfect brow, no matter what issues you have.

Want to book this incredible treatment?

Find your nearest salon to book by calling  0131 510 0407 or email booking@naturalaser.com

Have a look at our great results below!